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The distribution of relevant information is a crucial part of the work of the Agronauten. To reach various target groups we use a range of different media from scientific publications up to films, radio reports, events, etc. Here we list the non-German publications, mostly in English:


Hiss, C., Heistinger, A., Thomas, F. (2017): From peasant agriculture to regional supply economy.

Access to Land network and Urgenci (2017). Access to land and Community Supported Agriculture – stories from Europe.

European CSA Research Group (2016). Overview of Community Supported Agriculture in Europe.

Hiss, C. (2015). From peasant agriculture to the local and convivial supply economy of the future Essay

Volz, P. (2015): Report CSA meeting Freiburg August 2015


All these videos were made with the involvement of Agronauten

Video “The land for our food”

The Land for our Food is a documentary movie produced by the Access to Land network and directed by Julio Molina. The video takes us on the journey of Gavin Bridger, a grower from the Community Supported Agriculture project of Farnham Local Food in England, through various European countries in his quest of accessing land for agroecological farming. The Farnham community food project is actually in search of land and Gavin discovers that this is by far an isolated problem! All over Europe the difficulty to find suitable and affordable land is posing a great barrier to the development of sustainable and often small-scale agriculture. His mentor, Rachel Harries from the Soil Association, links Gavin up to the Access to Land network and the journey is on its way.

This road-movie documentary gives us insights into the contexts and approaches of civil society initiatives from various countries in Europe regarding access to land: England, France, Spain, Italy and Romania. Gavin meets some of the initiatives from the Access to Land network, and also meets farmers and journalist George Monbiot to better understand the scope and historical roots of access to land issues. This documentary provides a very concrete introduction to access to land issues in Europe and captures a range of practical experiences in a unique way!

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Movie „Imagining research for food sovereignty”

Farmers and nomad from Persia, West Africa, India, Nepal and the Andes came to us. They were proud of their own possessions, namely what you can sow and harvest to make a living. They were less interested in our high-tec farming equipent. They could not understand that we buy certified seeds, breeding animals and fodder out of colourful catalogues. They were interested in the shared concern how we can save agricultural values from industrial agriculture? Democratization and agricultural research is our common goal. We intend to replace formulas from research and companies from the top (northern hemisphere) by a research with farmers and their local experiences. This is the democratization of agricultural research! Food sovereignty instead of global markets. Does the dignity of these shepherds and farmers from the South not demonstrate us the way out of our dependency? And a way into the future?

Movie about the conference in Gernika, Basque region on “Commons”

In Spanish/ Basque

The conference took place in October 2014 in the historically interesting village of Gernika. Where crimes of the Nazis and Franco had taken place earlier, the future of agriculture in the Basque region, Europe and in the global context were discussed. Here you find the report about this very interesting event organised by Ehne Bizkaia and Mugarik Gabe.


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