Welcome to the webpage of the research association “Die Agronauten”.

We are a non-profit association that researches and communicates many aspects related to food and farming culture – especially regional, organic agriculture and food systems that are viable for the future. Thus Agronauten are working on topics like partnership models of producers and consumers, access to land for agroecological farmers, self-empowered technological solutions for farmers, regional logistics, integration of refugees through agri-culture, indicators of farm sustainability and change of food and farming culture.

The main focus of the organisation is research but there is a strong educational dimension in their activities. For example, Agronauten works regularly with schools, organising exhibitions, giving lectures at universities and the organisation is involved in events like the AgriKultur Festival, which is about putting agriculture in a cultural context again.

Although the main research scope of the organisation is “local food systems”, the Agronauten have been active on national and European levels, cooperating with organisations from most European countries in common projects.The approach of the Agronauten is interdisciplinary with a high emphasis on participatory research and democratisation of agricultural research. The staff members are from different scientific backgrounds.

The name AGRONAUTEN (“agronauts”) derives from the Greek legend of the Argonauts and links agriculture with the brave undertaking of the Greek heroes and heroines in their quest to find the Golden Fleece. Like these, the Agronauts want to travel to unknown spheres and return with wisdom and insights for food sovereignty, agroecology and food justice.


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