Current projects

  • Project “Genbänkle” (gene bank): Building up a database for connecting and visualizing initiatives which work on the conservation of varieties of crop plants in Baden-Württemberg (in cooperation with the University for Economy and Environment Nürtingen-Geisingen and the Alblinsen-Förderverein from Schwäbische Alb)
  • KOPOS Cooperation and pooling in the food and farming sector
  • Organisation of the yearly AgriKultur Festival (in cooperation with wine producer A. Dilger, BUND, etc.) and various other events for the AgriKultur series in Freiburg and Stuttgart
  • School project „Zukunft der Landwirtschaft “(future of agriculture), supervised travelling exhibition at schools in Baden-Württemberg
  • Consultation of the city administration of Freiburg within a study on the consumption of regional food and the climate balance in Freiburg
  • EU ERASMUS Project Farm Train
  • Edible Forest project

Finalized projects

  • EU learning partnerships (GRUNDTVIG and ERASMUS+) with partner organisations from many European countries on the topics “Access to land” and “Regional logistics “
  • SOLID BASE european project for the support of Community Supported Agriculture projects with regard to financial sustainability
  • FOOD RELATIONS european project for a better integration and exchange of refugees and local population in Freiburg through projects in gardening and agriculture
  • Weltgarten Tunsel is a multicultural community garden. It is a place for people to meet, exchange knowledge and rest. More information:
  • Education for Sustainability/ BNE project “Regional versorgt”(regional supplied), Excursions in Freiburg and the surroundings to meet producers
  • Edition of the book “Regionalwert AG – Mit Bürgeraktien die regionale Ökonomie stärken”, by C. Hiss
  • Refining, collection and analysis of the indicators of the Regionalwert AG
  • Calculating right! Determining the true costs of products and services of an organic farm including accounting sample booking
  • Agroecology project with Coventry University, European Coordination Via Campesina, BEDE, Landworkers Alliance and GRAIN
  • EU-Learning partnership program „ Regionallogistik für eine Landwirtschaft der kurzen Wege”(regional logistics for an agriculture with short ways) with partners from Belgium, France and Finland
  • Urban agriculture and biodiversity in Freiburg (with ProSpeciaRara)
  • Project „Allmende-Sammler “(common land collector) with refugees from Freiburg- Collecting and processing of windfalls on common land areas with regional companies like TROKI and Obstgut Joel Siegel
  • Organisation of practical learnings for unemployed Italian academics in the agrarian sector on farms in Freiburg
  • Intergenerational learning in agriculture – Project and Film with students from an agricultural school and 86-year-old farmer Franz Reichenbach
  • Development of scenarios on the future of agriculture in the region of Freiburg (in the framework of Farmpath, an EU project with the Institute for Rural Development Research at Frankfurt University)
  • Research on Community Supported Agriculture in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany (to be found at publications)
  • Heidehof foundation project „ Intensivierung des gesamtgesellschaftlichen Diskurses zur Zukunft der Landwirtschaft” (Intensification of the discourse in the society as whole about the future of agriculture)

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