Die Agronauten offer educational tours in the region of Freiburg, Germany. Practically experiencing topics of sustainability usually leads to much stronger reflection than theoretically learning about them. This is particularly true for school classes but also for all others with an interest in regional economic systems, participatory structures, nutrition and agriculture. It is no secret that good food and drinks give these educational tours an additional appeal.

We have done such tours with associations, bank employees, international students, farmers and many others. The experiences were great. Scope, priorities, transport etc. for each tour can be adjusted flexibly and individually for each tour. Tours can be offered in German, English, French, Spanish and Hindi.

If you are interested in a tour please contact us by mail (info AT agronauten.net).

At present, we can offer the following three educational tours:

How Tour along the value-added chain of the Regionalwert AG

How can a sustainable regional economy work in practice? Here, we’ll get to know an example of an economy in which small and medium scale enterprises work on the basis of citizen engagement, regional added value and ecological cycles. The Regionalwert AG and its founder Christian Hiss have received various awards for this practical model. On this tour, you can get to know enterprises working in the areas of production, transformation and sale and follow a product from the field to the shop or to the plate. At the same time, you will learn about opportunities and challenges of sustainable economics in practice.

The 15 km dish

Prepare a dish in a professional restaurant kitchen (and with the help of a professional chef) after getting the ingredients from producers within a radius of 15 kilometers. When we buy a ready made pizza in a supermarket, none or very few of the ingredients are from the region and seasonal. The real costs of such food (that include pollution, noise, stress, the distruction of local food systems etc.) have been receiving increasing interest of scientists, politicians and members of the public. On this tour, you do something essential: get food that grows around you. What used to be normal for our grandparents is now something extraordinary. Besides, you can see the effects that your nutrition has on the regional economy and the environment. After all, you see where your food comes from.

Visit on the farm

This is always an interesting tour for school classes with an interest in soil, biodiversity and agriculture. Get to talk with farmers, experience food production and the management of the landscape and natural resources.