The Agronauts started 2015 the project Genbänkle (gene data base) in cooperation with the university of economy and environment and the Alblinsen-Förderverein (Wolde Mammel).

Old varieties are culinary treasures. But how can someone find out, where old or rare varieties are cultivated or where seeds can be bought? Genbänkle want to address this issue.

The project aims to list, to link and to visualize initiatives and organisations around the topic “Old and rare varieties” in Baden-Württemberg. In the first phase of the project a list with such contacts in Baden-Württemberg was created and build the basis for a gene data base.

In this way the access to regional, reproducible seeds of old and rare vegetable varieties is simplified for interested people. The data base will maybe be extended to other crops later on.

You can find a television report of SWR about this here:

All further information at:, the projects lives only on donations by the way!

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