The project „Calculate Correctly” with the determination of the real costs of products and services of an ecological farm. The heart of the project is the creation of an exemplary accounting of three partner farms of Regionalwert AG Freiburg including a monetary assessment of externalities- those services of business actions, that are not compensated. These externalities, that are not part of the legal, economic accounting, include ecological, social and services of the farms for the regional economy.

In agriculture the repeated use of resources is happening. This is only sustainable when regeneration phases are respected. Otherwise the efficiency of the resources will decrease continuously. The constant usage of soils means degradation, regarding the fertility of the soil it means a decrease in productivity. If a farm performs special management practices to build up soil fertility, this is not accounted, even though it supports the wealth creation of the farm. The project “Calculate Correctly” tries to quantify such services through a broader accounting system.

In addition to expenses for the preservation of fertile soils ecological farms implement actions to preserve diversity in flora and fauna, foster the qualification of workers, aim to use renewable energies, try to establish a short way marketing, etc. All these actions are still not accounted as assets and therefore the picture of the farm is biased.

You can find more information at: Projekt RR_Grundlagen

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