The concept of the citizen shareholder company Regionalwert AG has been written down in a book by founder Christian Hiss. The book is in German but there is an English excerpt that can be downloaded below.

„Enough has been said, now is the time to act”, that is the maxim of master gardener and farmer Christian Hiss. That´s why he founded the Regionalwert AG in 2006. Subscribers of Units are citizens, that invest in organic agriculture and companies in the environmental field in the Freiburg region. To date 20 companies operating in sustainable food and farming have access to finance with the capital contribution of 700 shareholders. Apart from several organic farms and organic shops, these are caterers,  natural food wholesalers and a wine producer.

The future model of the Regionalwert AG is spreading in Germany. In his book Regionalwert AG, Christian Hiss describes the development history, the ideological contents as well as the formal requirements and experiences of the projects. Because of this, the book is also a practical guidebook, that gives hints for the realisation or founding of similar projects.

Christian Hiss, born 1961, founded his own market garden in 1981. A milk and cheese farm followed later. In November 2009 he was honoured from the council for sustainable development as „Social Entrepreneur of Sustainability“for his business model. The author is available for interviews.

Christian Hiss, Regionalwert AG Mit Bürgeraktien die regionale Ökonomie stärken. Hard cover, 144 pages, Herder Verlag, published by the Agronauten. The book costs 12,99€ (including sending)

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