The Agronauts in cooperation with Regionalwert AG are active in the network Access to Land since the beginning. Since 2011 many meetings, projects, a petition to the European Parliament and a movie were happening.

An overview of the network here Access to land network (English).

Here the petition “Soil as a common good” to the European Parliament.

The movie „The land for our Food“, produced by us with the network “Access to Land” and shot from Julio Molina has been published. You can watch the movie here:

In this documentary-road-movie the young and English farmer Gavin is looking for a new place with his Community Supported Agriculture project in Farnham, England. He discovers, that he is not the only one in England and Europe and visits different initiatives in England, France, Catalonia, Italy and Romania. The movie gives a good introduction in the issue of “Access to land in Europe for agro-ecological farms” and got positive feedback at the premiere on the “Real Farming Conference” in Oxford, UK. The movie is in English (with the option of French subtitles). Soon there will be versions with German, Romanian, Catalan and Spanish subtitles. The duration of the movie is 34 minutes. Soon the movie will be available for downloading and additionally materials (like posters) are available to show it.

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